About Us

History & Founders:
Weaving Grace, founded early 2019 by two sisters with very different fashion styles and personalities the label started off as a retail store featuring local and international high end designers, Only for the founders to realize that they’d like to create a brand that’s more true to themselves, where the item is fashionable and long lasting regardless of its price tag because let’s be honest sometimes we’d love to splurge and other times we don’t care to pay as much.

Slowly but surely - and hopefully beautifully- they- along with their fearless creative team and Gen Z sister who has newly joined- transformed the brand into a RTW label that offers statement and eclectic pieces reflecting both their different styles within one combined philosophy.


Our Style Philosophy:
The label has built a solid reputation for its unique and eclectic style. With our love for fashion and experimentation, our mission is to inspire women to use fashion as a form of self-expression, allowing them to showcase their personality and creativity.

We Care that our pieces are multi-wearable, feel good, artistic, feminine, bold & timeless that you can wear beyond fast fashion trends.
We hate that an evening dress is worn nearly always once and we encourage our clients to wear it more than once and unleash their inner stylist, share it with friends/sisters, show it more love for a dress is as loved as how often it’s worn.

Our mantra is to embrace individuality and wear dresses with confidence, regardless of trends or conventions.
We believe that there are no rules when it comes to fashion and we encourage women to Be their own true selves Through What they wear… Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.

Much like sports, we consider fashion to be a universal language. We stand by the work hard play hard Arab modern woman, and we ‘work hard’ to be a part of her ‘play hard’ side.

We are committed to offering customer satisfaction, exclusive & limited quantities, timeless designs, wide variety of models fitting different lifestyles and cultures inclusive of modest apparel.

We do not focus on the price tag, we offer a broad range between what’s affordable & others that are over the top but for sure in all cases beautiful.


Partnerships & Collaborations:
We believe in completing not competing if you believe your brand aligns with our brand Philosophy, Hit us up for a collaboration.

We love collaborating with up-and-coming designers and brands that align with our vision.

Through partnerships and our communication channels, we aim to be relatable and inspiring to the Modern Woman allover the Middle East.